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Sports Medicine & Medical Services

Exercise and nutrition go hand-in-hand in any balanced fitness plan. Let our HNH Fitness nutrition experts help you design a fitness program that includes healthier eating habits and realistic goals.

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On your journey to better physical fitness, you will find that a multi-pronged approach to overall good health is always beneficial. To assist you in your endeavor, HNH Fitness offers many more services and amenities than a regular gym or fitness center, starting with its medically-based framework. In addition to a robust menu of exercise and training options included with membership, there are additional, separately-available services, including nutrition guidance, massages, physician care, sports medicine, sleep analysis and physical therapy.

Sports Medicine

Holy Name joins with HNH Fitness to provide a robust Sports Medicine Program, dedicated to preventing and treating injuries related to sports and exercise. Our highly skilled staff specializes in helping patients maintain their health and recover from sports-related conditions such as overuse injuries and concussions.

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Physical Therapy - Rehabilitation

The physical, occupational and speech therapists at Holy Name's Center for Physical Rehabilitation are among the most educated and trained in the region. They work compassionately and respectfully with each patient, creating programs that best suit the individual, taking into account strengths and weaknesses.

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Primary Care

One of the main amenities that sets HNH Fitness apart from other gyms is its medically-based structure. Exercising at HNH Fitness is not just about dropping pounds or losing inches. It's about being as healthy as you can, and we know that incorporating a physician into your wellness plan will bring you optimum results.

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