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Gerald Flynn

Climbing Mountains

Gerald Flynn remembers the precise moment he knew his lifestyle had to change. It had been a while since dieting and regular exercise were a part of his routine when a co-worker casually remarked, "Whoa, I see you've put on a few pounds." The comment was a bit insensitive, but it got Gerald thinking about his health and taking care of himself as he aged. He realized it had been years since he went hiking or jogged through the park—activities he once loved but now felt too out-of-shape to enjoy.

From that moment, Gerald began a health journey that's been going strong for more than 12 years. Getting started wasn't easy – he tried a number of gyms in the area around his home in Westwood but came away feeling uncomfortable. The employees were often disinterested, or the atmosphere was intimidating. Some fitness centers had strict membership policies, while others were too focused on large group classes to provide Gerald with any personalized help.

Gerald thought he had run out of options when a friend recommended HNH Fitness in Oradell, a fitness center he had mistakenly thought was only for physical therapy.

"HNH Fitness was like a breath of fresh air. When you walk in, you immediately get a warm feeling. I was so impressed with the place—the staff is pleasant and professional, and the gym has all of the latest equipment and technology."

HNH Fitness is a dynamic new concept in personal health management, a step beyond traditional health and fitness clubs. It focuses on helping members not just cut calories or drop pounds but make lifestyle changes that produce results and improve health.

"The HNH Fitness trainers are so respectful and knowledgeable," he said. "They really adapt to their clients."

HNH Fitness ensures that each member has a truly personal experience. Personal trainers can design a fitness program specifically for individual health goals and abilities, taking into consideration each person's lifestyle and complete health picture.

With the HNH Fitness team supporting him, Gerald's commitment grew stronger. He incorporated simple changes to his diet, and began to find exercising easier and even fun. Before he knew it, he was losing weight and attracting compliments. In time, he blew past his initial fitness goals and found himself feeling healthier than ever and falling in love with the sport of mountaineering.

"Now I go to the gym first thing in the morning, unless I'm heading out for a hike, run or another outdoor adventure," Gerald said. "It was hard to start and sometimes it's still hard to keep going. But HNH Fitness is helping me along this journey for health and I'm not getting off the bus anytime soon."