fitness in Oradell

Brain Health

Regular exercise might forestall the onset of Alzheimer's disease (Annals of Internal Medicine)and increase brain tissue volume (Neurobiology of Aging). A UCLA study indicates that a program of regular exercise and a healthy diet helps improve memory in older adults.

Women's Health

Strength training twice a week dramatically reduced the increase in abdominal fat in premenopausal women. Strength training can prevent increases in body fat percentages and attenuate increases in the fat deposits most closely associated with heart disease. (National Institutes of Health)

Self Esteem

A 12-week, five-times per-week strength training program enhances body image. Both male and female subjects improved their strength, body fat and muscularity, and had better body images at the end of the study. (McMaster University, Canada; Body Image)

Heart Health

People who exercise routinely have up to a 50% lower risk of having a heart attack or chest pain, as well as a lower risk of other diseases. (University of California/American Heart Association) Women who were at least moderately active were less likely to develop heart disease and related illness than women who were less active. (University of Florida and Cedars Sinai Medical Center) The incidence of heart disease among women of healthy weight who did not exercise was higher than it was among women of healthy weight who exercised regularly. (Circulation)


In a Northwestern University study, 3,500 patients with arthritis who exercised regularly were significantly less likely to incur disabilities such as the inability to climb stairs, bathe, or get in and out of bed without assistance. (Arthritis and Rheumatism)


Men and women (average age 83.5) participating in a 16-week exercise program showed significant improvements in strength, flexibility, balance and agility. (Journal of Aging and Health)

Breast Cancer Treatment Side Effects

Women receiving treatment for breast cancer who practiced yoga twice weekly scored higher than those who did not practice yoga, in combating side effects from therapy. Participants reported better general health, less fatigue and sleepiness, and a greater sense of well being. (University of Texas, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center)


University of Texas research subjects recently diagnosed with major depressive disorder who walked briskly on a treadmill for 30 minutes reported feeling more vigorous and had a greater sense of psychological well being after completing the workout. (Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise)